15. CenturyThe history of our house is closely related to that of the old Thöni house, which was once one of the largest old houses in the district and was probably built in the middle of the last millennium.
According to tradition, the old Thöni house was used as trading post and rest station on the Salt route from Hall near Innsbruck to Lake Constance.
19. CenturyIts title “Altes Thöni-Haus” was named after the teacher Bernhard Thöni (1863-1942).
1984The distribution of ownership among the proprietors was reorganized. Where once the stables and the barn stood, today stands the house Hannes Spiss.
1987The rear part of the house (today’s Hannes Spiss and Emil Mall) was demolished and rebuilt. The front original part was preserved and renovated in accordance with Heratige regulations.
TodayFor more than 30 years, Haus Hannes Spiss has been welcoming guests from all over the world.
Altes Thöni-Haus

Photo: Altes Thöni-Haus

Photo skier: Erwin Spiss in the 1950s
Photo summer: Ludwig Wasle, 1950s